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Happy Holidays from!

Rock Rebel Monster Collage Pencil Skirt


Rock Rebel Monster Collage Pencil Skirt

Vintage Inspired Lapel Pin With Chain


Vintage Inspired Lapel Pin With Chain

Bella Lugosi Monster Collage Womens Tshirt


Bella Lugosi Monster Collage Womens Tshirt

Black Faux Leather Blouse Top Pre-Owned SzS


Black Faux Leather Blouse Top Pre-Owned SzS

Pink And Black Bride Of Frankenstein Womens Tshirt


Pink And Black Bride Of Frankenstein Womens Tshirt

Women's Stylish Leopard Pull Over Tunic Blouse Size XL


Women's Stylish Leopard Pull Over Tunic Blouse Size XL

Past Events:

Night Horrors Costume Ball


Night Horrors

Saturday Oct. 19th 2013 at Medusa Lounge
3211 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles (Silverlake) CA 90057

The Bands:

  • The Hangmen - When they first got together in L.A. in 1987, the Hangmen were fiery and hard rocking enough to play with metal bands, but they also had a stubbornly rootsy and punk rock attitude that made them fit in just as easily with such legendary underground icons as the Gun Club and Tex & the Horseheads. Their trademark dual-guitar attack combines the classic-rock drive of the Rolling Stones and AC/DC with the hard-charging swagger of Johnny Thunders’ Heartbreakers and the sinister allure of the Cramps.

  • The Blessings - The next wave has arrived in the form of The Blessings, a rag tag troop of gypsy pirates that rock like there’s no tomorrow and roll like their heroes of yesterdays’ greats. This Hollywood 4 piece, Jeremy White (lead vocals/harmonica/guitar), Mike Gavigan (guitar/vocals), Frank Scimeca (bass/vocals) and Robert Iezzi (drums), has their feet firmly planted in the roots of rock ‘n’ roll.

  • Viacrucis - Don't miss out on the reunion of Viacrucis! A kick ass dark alternative spanish rock band that has played with the likes of Heroes del Silencio. This is sure to be a treat for all you lovers of spanish rock!

  • The Blackouts

The DJs:

  • DJ Apollo Staar - Playing the best in Dirty Rock n' Roll, Indie, 80s, and Glam, Apollo knows how to get you shakin' your bits to the hits! Don't miss the return of Apollo Staar to Club Banshee!

  • DJ Scott Savak - DJ extraordinaire Scott Savak spins dirty rock and roll, glam punk and garage with style! He's rocked dance floors and pool parties all over the world in places like Cannes France, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bangkok Thailand, Las Vegas, Hollywood (LA) CA, London UK, Cabo San Lucas Mexico, Miami, and more.

  • DJ Jose Shuton - Spinnin' 80s, new wave, dark wave and electro to get your blood pumping and your body movin! Jose does not mess around and will get you movin' and groovin' to the music!

  • That Girl Carol - Rockin' the 1'S & 2'S with style, That Girl Carol knows how to get your feet moving. This will be her second appearance at Club Banshee and it's sure to rock!

The Hosts:


The Birthdays:

  • Bone-chilling Chino
  • Shadowy Chimene Gonzalez
  • Ruthless Rosa Elia
  • Wretched Richard Andrew Salas

Night Horrors @ Medusa Lounge - 3211 Beverly Blvd in Silverlake (Los Angeles) 90057

Other Events:

  • Club Banshee: Pretentious (Pretenders Tribute Band), The Crazy Squeeze, Longneck Goose, The Blackouts
  • Club Banshee: Cold Blue Rebels, The Blackouts, Gabba Gabba Heys
  • Club Banshee: The Love Me Nots, Gabba Gabba Heys, The Blackouts
  • Club Banshee: Motorcycle Boy, Some Hear Explosions, The Blackouts
  • Sucker Punch Live Art Painting by Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca
  • Heartache (The Valentine's Hangover) with Gene Loves Jezebel (Jay Aston's), The Blackouts and No Thanks!!!
  • Wicked Winter Wonderland with E*Lux, No Thanks, The Blackouts and Barrio Tiger!!!
  • Halloween "Night Horrors" Costume Party! The Blackouts, Stars at Night, DJ Diablo and DJ Slow Hands
  • Berlin, Blasphemous Rumors, The Blackouts and Blonde Day Rock Villa Sorriso
  • The Book of Eli Live Art Event

NEW! - John Blazing's Red Hot Rock Column

Memories of The Damned

Hi, this is John Blazing writing once again, talkin 'bout Rock and Roll memories for This time it's about The Damned.

It was 1980, the 2nd time The Damned came to Southern California. My friend called me and informed me that he had called a New Wave radio station called KNAC and had won some tickets to see The Damned at The Country Club in Reseda. I was very excited. The first punk rock song I ever learned on guitar was "New Rose".

I got back stage somehow, and was taking in all the action. This tour was supposed to make or permanently break the band. After all, they went on to do some big tours in the U.K. with some big names in the punk rock scene, The Sex Pistols and the Stranglers.

There were lots of colorful people there at the Country Club. When The Damned hit the stage at about 11PM, it seemed that Captain Sensible had left his former stage costumes of tutus and nurse's uniforms and went with a Hawaiian shirt and jeans.

The audience was reasonably well-behaved. As I was watching Chris "Rat Scabies" Miller pound his drums like crazy and occasionally using his head; I started to understand why a lot of people were going around saying he should've went on to replace Keith Moon of The Who (Keith had just passed away). From an excellent vantage point I saw the huge audience going crazy and totally rocking out. The group mixes above average cover versions of "Ballroom Blitz" and Pretty Vacant" (How's that for balls?). After that they played a sampling of tunes from their first two Stiff Records albums, "Damned Damned Damned" and "Music For Pleasure". Weeks before The Damned had released their single "Love Song". It sold over 45,000 copies and entered the U.K. charts ahead of Rod Stewart.

It was a great show by a young enthusiastic punk rock band.

About RedHotGear

Rock and roll clothing to rock your style!

RedHotGear is a Los Angeles-based clothing and accessory company that brings you hand-picked, rock and roll, rockabilly and punk rock style clothing and accessories. We offer cool, alternative, indie, street, tattoo and American hot rod fashion. We carefully select our clothing and accessories to make sure that we offer only the coolest clothing around. A lot of our items are custom made and you won't find them anywhere else on the planet!

We fondly remember growing up in Los Angeles and shopping on Melrose back when they used to have all that unique, hard-to-find clothing. We loved going to cool joints like Al's Bar, Gorky's and Scream and want to bring back that nostalgic feeling when music and fashion were one! If you're looking for the coolest rock, rockabilly and punk rock clothing and accessories, then you've come to the right place!

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Rock and Roll Models: Mendivil, Bobby and Manic Mike
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